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Stats, Stats, Stats

Statistics should be your best friend when looking to buy a home.  Traditionally you have needed to rely on your real estate agent to get you most statistical information, but that isn’t necessary anymore.  Instead you can do your own research and be an informed buyer or seller, all of this has been made possible by Redfin.  Seriously my favorite site one the internet, at least for viewing properties.   To view Washington DC statistics all you need to do is

1) log on to

2) in the search box at the top of the page type Washington DC and press search

3) the site will then go live to a map of DC, but look to the right and you will see a graph

4) click the button titled “more local stats & trends” underneath the graph

5) voila, isn’t that cool and informative?!?!?!?!?!

PS: You can also do neighborhood specific searches, so restart the same search process and type in Adams Morgan or Capitol Hill et cetera. 

Redfin provides you with a ton of different statistics so read through the page carefully!  If you don’t feel like following the above steps, just CLICK THIS LINK.  I would still reccomend working with your agent to determine a fair purchase price or selling price, but I think its important that you also understand the market conditions as opposed to just listening to your agent.


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