I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my blog entitled Living DC.   There is currently an enormous amount of agents that are licensed in the District of Columbia and in my professional opinion, the majority of them are boneheads.    I feel like there are two types of agents that primarily exist in DC, the “Old Timers” and the “Newbie Get Rich Quick Schemers.”  BOTH GROUPS suck and I am here to educate you as the buyer or seller so when you do go forward with the big plunge you find yourself working with a reliable agent that will actually work for you and not their paycheck.  

PLEASE NOTE: All blog entries are strictly my opinion unless otherwise noted.  What you choose to do with the advice I give is your own call.

A Little Bit About Me:

I am currently a licensed real estate agent and work part-time.  I have been in the business for approximately 3 years.  I decided to get a license when my girlfriend and I bought our first house.   We knew nothing about real estate and thought it might be wise to learn about the practice before making such a huge investment.  I didn’t start practicing until about 1 year ago, however I constantly followed the market and watched the trends.  I am currently employed full-time and do real estate part-time which is great.  The company I work for and my name will remain anonymous throughout the use of this blog because I really want to be fair and balance in all of my opinions.

About This Blog:

I am new to blogging so format wise I will still be learning, but content should always be good….I hope.   As I said in the opening paragraph there is a plethora of licensed agents in DC that are just waiting to serve you, however my opinion of most is not very high.  Thats not to say there are not some good eggs out there but in my experience most suck.   As a buyer or seller you should feel comfortable with your decision.  But how often do you second guess yourself or find yourself not trusting the advice of your agent?  The goal of this blog will be to make you the buyer or seller a more informed consumer.  I will attempt to teach you tricks of the trade, review specific agents, review specific companies, highlight properties or sections in the city and in some cases even show you local places that you can use you decorate your new place (for those that are buying in the city).   I want to have fun with this blog and most importantly I want you to learn.  As I said before, real estate is a part time job for me but it is a hobby of mine and I would like to share anything I learn with you. 

Stay tuned for more.  I will hopefully have my first article up soon.


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