Be Careful of Meth Houses…….Really

Wow! I never thought I would be posting an article about this but I guess this is a product of the world we live in.  While browsing I learned of a couple that recently purchased a home and quickly learned the home used to be a meth lab.   This was discovered by way of serious health issues the couple experienced shortly after moving in.   The most frustrating part of this story is that it was well known that this home was a former meth lab and state law did not require that this be disclosed prior to the house being sold.  The couple is now stuck with a home that is uninhabitable and if they desire to live there again they will need to shell out $61,000 to rid the home of contaminants.   I am so angry that our system would allow this to happen to somebody! Buying a home is supposed to be a joyful experience and for these people it has been everything but.

The reason I am sharing this story and posting a link to their blog is because this is a serious issue that can impact thousands of home buyers.  While performing your search be sure to look for key things that may indicate whether or not the home was a former meth lab.  Rather then telling you what to look out for, I encourage you to visit OUR METH HOUSE which is a blog created by the devastated couple.  They share pointers on how to spot a former meth house.  I think this is something valuable to store in the back of you head as you go out and see homes.


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